Poul Hundevad Rosewood Sideboard


Designer: Poul Hundevad
Brand: Hundevad Møbelfabrik
Year: Mid 20th Century
Place of Origin: Denmark
Materials: Rosewood, Bronze


The stunning color and grain characteristics of rosewood cannot really be described but only seen. Even though Poul Hundevad was known for designing the Guldhøj Chair, he had multiple other works as well. After forming Hundevad Møbelfabrik, this credenza was designed which features two different compartments for functionality purposes. The left side consists of multiple grooves to receive drawers (this piece has 1 drawer) and the right side has multiple holes to hold shelves (this piece has 1 shelf). Both compartments are lockable and can be open with the same key. This sideboard will not only help you store your belongings efficiently but also be a stunning piece wherever you may place it within your home.


Width: 43.5"
Depth: 17"
Height: 28.25"